About Lock 26 Media

Founded in 2017, Lock 26 Media is passionate about propelling your business toward success. We deliver professionalism without sacrificing the human experience. Every client entrusts us with a unique vision we adopt as our own. As such, we treat the task at hand as if it were for our own business. The client experience is pillared on approachability, personable, and customizable. We aren't simply delivering completed projects, we're forming relationships. 

Laura Templeton

Lock 26 Media Founder

Social Media Specialist & Professional Copywriter

  • 8+ years of copywriting experience

  • Background in print Journalism 

  • 3+ years of professional social media marketing experience

Laura's top priority is her client's success. Her goal is to provide a professional service to help business owners achieve their goals without sacrificing the human component critical to that success. Creative and known for her out-of-the-box content ideas and professional business plan writing, Laura is ready to help you in every way she can.


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